What are the advantages of living near your retired parents?

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For many years, a trend among retirees was to pack up and move away from their homes to other areas of the country. However, more retirees are now seeking homes closer to the communities that they already know as home. In many cases, this choice is related to the presence of family members who live nearby. If your elderly parents are in the process of choosing a home for retirement, you might encourage them to stay in the area so that you can enjoy these benefits of living close by.

Encouraging wellness in your parents

Elderly individuals often suffer from depression and other mood disorders, because they are not socially active. If your parents choose to live in a retirement community with kids and grandchildren close by, they will not only enjoy the company of new friends, but they will have the fulfilling closeness of family.

Building positive relationships

Once your parents have retired, they may have more time to dedicate to your relationship. You might find that you bond with your parents like never before, enjoying activities together and sharing positive memories with one another.

Keeping your family connected

If you have kids of your own, you may be particularly thrilled to have your parents living close to you. Retired parents generally have more time to spend watching and playing with grandchildren, which can ease the burden on working parents. 

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