What are the leading causes for elderly patients to visit the ER?

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Emergency room visits can be highly stressful for elderly patients. If your elderly loved one has recently had a trip to the emergency room, you may want to consider in home care. An in home care professional can provide your elderly loved one with the assistance needed to live a safe and healthful life at home. In addition, in home care can reduce the number of ER visits for an elderly person. Let’s examine some of the leading causes for elderly patients to visit the ER.

Improper medication dosages

A recent study has found that almost a third of ER visits by elderly persons are caused by improper medication dosages. In particular, three common drugs were shown to cause these emergency room trips. For persons 65 years and older, improper drug dosage is a major concern. With the help of an in home caregiver, you can help to make sure that your elderly loved one is receiving the proper dosage of each medication.

Upper respiratory infections

Upper respiratory infections are another common cause of ER trips by elderly persons. With the proper preventative and in home care, upper respiratory infections can be treated without a visit to the emergency room.

Congestive heart failure

Congestive heart failure is another common cause for trips to the emergency room. While congestive heart failure is a serious health concern, the symptoms of heart disease can be monitored and treated with an in home care professional.

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