What can glass railings offer your modern home design?

If you are considering renovating your staircase or loft area to modernize the design of your home, glass railings can offer the ideal solution in aesthetics and functionality. These custom designed railings are installed after careful measurements and retrofitting to provide a sleek final look with exceptional structural integrity. Read on to discover more of the distinctive features that glass railings can offer to your home.

Open, connected space

Modern design features open spaces and connected rooms that allow more natural light to flow through the interior space. Glass railings create clear barriers but still create a connection between rooms or the first and second floors of your home. The finishing touch of polished metal frames and rails tie perfectly into the minimalist theme of contemporary interior design.

Versatile aesthetics

While glass railings are fit for modern interior design rather than a traditional look, they still offer versatility that can allow you to make big future changes in your home design without replacing your railings again. Glass also flows seamlessly with tiled, wooden or carpeted floors.

Custom appeal

When you put your home on the market, you may find that custom features such as glass railings can draw more traffic to your house—particularly if there are other homes on your block for sale. The initial investment in this type of railing may be well worth it when it comes time to sell your house down the road.

Creative Mirror & Shower can create your custom railings with local manufacturing in the Chicago area. To explore everything they have to offer, visit them online or call 1-800-SHOWERS.

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