What is involved in cardiac rehabilitation?

After an individual suffers a heart attack, cardiac rehabilitation becomes necessary to restore heart health and reduce the risk for future episodes. Edward Heart Hospital provides comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation with a program that is customized to the needs of each patient. Here is a look at the stages of supervised cardiac rehabilitation that will be tailored to your abilities.

Phase I

The first phase of rehabilitation begins at the hospital during the initial recovery process. A light walking program is included in Phase I to encourage healthy physical activity. HeartFit is another introductory phase for cardiac rehabilitation, and it is designed to monitor patients’ vital signs during exercise before a cardiac event occurs.

Phase II

During Phase II you will start to lay the foundation for a healthier lifestyle with the attentive support of hospital staff. Over 12 weeks, you will participate in an aerobic exercise program, which takes place three times per week. To ensure that physical activity is at an appropriate level for your fitness, a physiologist will monitor your heart rate and blood pressure as you exercise.

Phase III

After you complete the 12-week outpatient program, you may enroll in Phase III, which focuses on maintenance. This part of the program is optional, but it has many benefits for your long-term recovery. Phase III is focused on patient education in areas such as independent exercise and lifestyles focused on fitness. Participating in this program can dramatically reduce your risk of a second heart attack and other cardiac issues.

For a closer look at the excellent cardiac care provided at Edward Heart Hospital, visit their website or call 630-527-3000. Edward Hospital has locations in Plainfield and Naperville as well as outpatient facilities and imaging centers throughout the region. 

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