What is the difference between hearing aids and personal sound amplifiers?

Modern digital technologies have paved the way for significant improvements in devices that can help hearing-impaired individuals in their daily lives. Hearing aids are the most commonly known devices, but there are also personal sound amplifiers available for use in more specific situations. While hearing aids are prescribed to individuals who are suffering from hearing loss, personal sound amplifiers can be used by anyone who requires amplification in specific areas.

Personal sound amplifiers should not be used to substitute for hearing aids, and they should only be used once hearing loss has been ruled out as the cause of difficulty hearing the television at night or hearing a toddler speaking a few yards away. A personal sound amplifier can be purchased without any prescription, but they should still be used under the guidance of an audiologist. To help you better understand how these devices differ from hearing aids, take a closer look at the descriptions below.

Sound amplifiers

A personal sound amplifier can improve certain recreational activities or make it easier to do certain activities when others are present. For example, you may be able to stay up watching television at a low volume that you can still hear while your partner is able to sleep.

Hearing aids

A hearing aid is a custom-fitted device that amplifies sound with the intention of correcting a hearing impairment. These should be used by individuals who have trouble following conversations, hearing sounds in certain frequencies, or hearing electronic devices played at a reasonable volume. You must visit an audiologist to be prescribed a hearing aid, as these are medical devices that need to be tuned to an individual’s unique needs.

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