What is the link between dementia and hearing loss?

Dementia is a serious health concern for many aging persons. Recent studies have suggested that dementia and hearing loss may be linked. If you or someone you love is suffering from hearing loss that is associated with dementia, a quality hearing solution may help them regain their quality of life. Here is a closer look at how dementia and hearing loss may be linked.

Hearing loss and isolation

Some people who suffer from hearing loss may prefer to isolate themselves from others. Prolong periods of isolation could heighten symptoms of both dementia and hearing loss. If your loved one seems to be avoiding contact with other people, an affordable hearing solution will help them engage in daily conversations and activities with ease.  

Cognitive load

If a person is suffering from hearing loss, he or she may have difficulty understanding a conversation. Without the ability to make out conversation, a person may not be able to listen or comprehend. This inability to follow or understand conversations could make the symptoms of dementia worse in some people.

Environmental or genetic links

Certain scientists believe that hearing loss and dementia may be linked on an environmental or genetic level. This area of research is still in its early stages. Scientists are hoping to determine whether dementia and hearing loss have a cause-and-effect relationship, or whether these two serious health issues may be related on a deeper pathological level.

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