What is the link between diabetes and hearing loss?

When you have diabetes, you will have to be aware of a number of other health risks that are associated with higher glucose levels. While proper medication use, diet and exercise will reduce these risks, you will still have a higher chance of developing heart disease, kidney failure, and even hearing loss.

The relationship between hearing loss and diabetes is still a subject of research, but there is a clear link between the two conditions that you should know about. Below is a closer look at why diabetic patients are more likely to suffer hearing loss. 

Blood vessel damage

If you have diabetes and have not been properly monitoring your blood sugar each day, smaller blood vessels in the body may suffer damage. In the same way that the eyes and nerves may sustain damage from restricted blood flow through these weakened blood vessels, the structures in the ear become poorly nourished and begin to malfunction. The most recent study on diabetes and hearing loss found that people with diabetes were much more likely to have hearing loss, and this was not associated with other common hearing loss causes.

Gradual loss of hearing

The type of hearing loss that occurs in diabetics is gradual, so you may not even notice a change. In fact, friends and family members are often the first to notice any changes in hearing in an individual experiencing hearing loss. Therefore, it is important to take guidance from loved ones and get a full hearing exam when any changes are noted.

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