What the StairMaster SM3 StepMill can offer your workout

Stair climbing is the ultimate workout for weight loss and lower body strength. With the StairMaster SM3 StepMill, you can experience optimal payoff with a compact machine featuring sleek modern design. Six inch escalator-style steps allow you to get a low-impact workout while you monitor your progress on a backlit LCD screen or enjoy a book on a perfectly positioned built-in reading rack. Here is a closer look at the great features exclusive to this innovative machine.

High calorie burn

The StepMill combines low impact exercise with high calorie burn to make your effort go much further. When you climb at low speeds, you actually burn as many calories as you would running on a flat surface. This means that you can get in an effective workout even when you do not have much time.

Engagement of core muscles

As you climb each step, your abdominal muscles will remain engaged to help you keep your balance. No matter how long you climb or how fast you pace yourself, you will be getting a great abdominal workout rolled into your cardio routine.

Customized results

You can set goals in terms of calories, time or floors with customizable profile options with heart rate monitoring. For a workout that tones and tightens the whole lower body—including hard-to-sculpt areas like the buttocks—you can shoot for high repetitions. Shorter workouts will help for weight maintenance and cardiovascular health.

To discover if the StairMaster StepMill is right for your home gym, check out Fitness Experts in Naperville. You can reach them online or at 630-904-4600 for more information about their wide selection of leading name exercise machines backed by decades of experience in the industry.

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