What to consider when designing a custom shower

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The shower in your master bathroom may be a sanctuary where you can relax and enjoy spa-like surroundings to melt away the stress of your day. If your shower is in need of a design upgrade to create a more relaxing experience, you should consider the following features as you explore design options for your master bath.

Shower head placement

Multiple shower heads are a popular trend in shower design, because they create a more welcoming oasis where the hot water never misses a spot. You will want to be careful when working with multiple shower heads, however, as the wrong placement can lead to leaks and flooding outside of the shower door. 

Tile and finishes

There is a plethora of options for shower finishes, but tile is typically the most luxurious and aesthetically appealing. Tile mosaic showers can offer a beautiful final look, but they do require more maintenance and may need more frequent repairs for missing tiles. To achieve the elegance and uniqueness of mosaic tiles, you might use mosaics as a border with larger tiles lining the walls and floor of the shower.

Shower entry

The glass shower frame and door of the shower may require the most careful consideration, as poor planning of the shower entry can create a number of expensive problems down the road.

To avoid common mishaps in shower design, contact Creative Mirror & Shower at 1-800-SHOWERS before you plan your shower installation. Creative Mirror can provide you with a free consultation to plan the details of your installation and offer the elegant glass designs to complete your spa look at home. 

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