Who was Groucho Marx?

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Raue Center For The Arts gives you a look back on the career of the legendary Groucho Marx for the one-time presentation, An Evening with Groucho, on May 17. This performance will recreate some of the most iconic moments from the life of Groucho with songs, anecdotes and memorable one-liners. Read on to learn more about the man behind the show.

Early stage career

Groucho was one of five brothers who all later got into comedy themselves, and he struggled to find success in his first years on the stage. He was actually abandoned by his costars on two separate occasions following performances.

Broadway success

Once his brothers joined him, Groucho found success with Broadway musical comedy performances such as I’ll Say She Is and Animal Crackers, which later sparked success in film as well. During one of the first performances of I’ll Say She Is, Groucho created his signature look by using greasepaint to apply a moustache upon arriving late to the theatre.

Radio programming

Following great success on stage and in film, Groucho transitioned to the radio with a variety of hit programs and guest appearances. The quiz show You Bet Your Life began in 1947 as a popular radio show and later moved to television, airing until 1961.

Lasting legacy

Throughout his career, Groucho Marx made audiences laugh with a wide range of hilarious performances. His legacy lives on through loving imitations and comedic performances inspired by his work.

To purchase your tickets for An Evening with Groucho, visit Raue Center For The Arts online or call 815-356-9212. The Raue Center box office is open Monday through Saturday from 12-4 p.m., as well as one hour prior to each performance.

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