Why does beer taste so much better on tap?

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Have you ever noticed that draft beer tends to be much more refreshing and palate pleasing than beer from the bottle? This is no coincidence, because there are several processes that differ in keg beers than those intended for the bottle. Aside from beers that are brewed to be bottle-aged, you will find that beer tastes better on tap because of these distinctive qualities.

Non-pasteurized beer

When beer is bottled, it must be pasteurized since it will not be kept at the same temperature from the time it leaves the brewery to the time that it is served. Beer that is served on tap is kept cool in the keg, so it does not undergo the pasteurization process to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. The result is a more aromatic beer, because there is no filtering of the ingredients that create the beer’s flavor.

Minimal oxidization risk

Keg beer that is served on tap is at a lower risk for oxidization, because there is less air in the container than there is in bottled beer. When beer oxidizes, it can become flavorless or have an "off" taste. Kegs also keep light away from beer, so the only bitter flavors in each sip are those intended by the brewer.

Better drinkability

A good bartender knows how to pour a beer with just the right amount of foam in the proper glassware. Beer enjoyed from the glass will typically be more flavorful—even when the beer was originally bottled—because there is a larger surface area of the head on the beer. The head actually contributes much of the beer’s flavor, because it has a strong aroma that lingers as you take each drink. You simply will not get the same flavor and mouth feel from beer drunk straight from the bottle.

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