Why older adults should practice yoga

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The benefits of exercise for senior citizens are becoming well-recognized among elderly adults, but there is one type of exercise that you might not think to try for the first time after 50. Yoga is not just a trendy workout for twenty-somethings. In fact, it has several distinctive benefits for older adults that may motivate you to get on your sticky mat and get moving.

Strengthen the body

Falls are the leading cause of hospital visits among seniors, but they are preventable with strengthening exercises that will improve balance and agility. Balance is an integral component to the practice of yoga, and it is improved through the toning of muscles throughout the whole body.

Sharpen the mind

Regular yoga practice may help you focus and stay more alert as you get older. The meditative aspects of yoga help to quiet the mind so that it may rest and reenergize along with the rest of your body.

Relieve stress

Through the cool down poses in yoga, you may begin to let go of both mental and physical tension. You might have a more positive outlook after a single yoga class, while ongoing work in the practice can have significant benefits for your mood.

Delay the aging process

Slow, deliberate stretching can delay damages of the aging process such as joint degeneration and muscle loss. As you sweat, your body can become cleansed of damaging toxins that promote oxidative cell damage.

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