Why should children participate in team sports?

Obesity rates among youth in America have risen sharply over the past three decades, and this trend is largely attributed to a lack of regular physical activity. By encouraging your child to participate in a team sports program, you can ensure a lifetime of good health and see your child thrive in these other areas.

Learn responsibility and focus

As part of a sports team, your child will be responsible for getting to practices and performing at his or her best. Sports may even give your child a newfound sense of focus and dedication as he or she works to learn new skills and sharpen existing ones.

Unlock academic opportunities

If your child finds that he or she has true talent in a sport, it may open the doors for higher education opportunities—including scholarships. Participation in team sports is also helpful for any college application, because admissions counselors prefer to see students who can balance academics and extracurricular activities.

Build lasting friendships

Kids who play sports together build a special bond that can lead to lifelong friendships. Plus, sports provide a healthy outlet for kids to help them avoid riskier behaviors. Children who are part of a sports team are less likely to take part in drug use and underage drinking.

Set the foundation for a healthy lifestyle

Of course, one of the most immediate benefits of team sports is the physical activity provided in practice. This type of activity will help your child understand the importance of an active lifestyle, healthy eating and socializing.

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