Why should you spend time with core strengthening?

Almost every exercise you perform will draw strength from your abdominal muscles in your core, so you might spend some time focusing on these muscles when you begin a home workout routine. Whether you use an Ab Coaster, Pilates or the FreeMotion Abdominal machine, core strengthening offers a number of benefits for your health and fitness.

Support your spine

Back pain is one of the most common medical problems among American adults, but it can be prevented by building strength in the muscles that support the spine. When you lift heavy items, your center will be supported by your core strength, so you will be less likely to sustain injuries that could put you in pain. A strong core can also improve your posture, keeping your spine in a more neutral position during everyday activities.

Improve balance

As you gain strength in your abdominals and back muscles, you will feel more stable and balanced. This newfound balance will help you prevent injuries that may result from falls or sudden movements.

Boost your performance

Whether you are a runner, cyclist or hiker, you might see yourself going further and faster with continued core training. You may also notice that you feel mentally sharper, which occurs because an aligned and well-supported spine can send messages more efficiently through the nervous system.

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