Winter health tips for seniors

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Photo Credit: Bert Kaufmann via Compfight cc

When the weather is cold outside, elderly individuals face a higher risk for illnesses and injuries that could lead to hospitalization. Therefore, it is important for older people to brush up on winter safety basics so they may stay healthy all season long. Here are some basic tips for maintaining your health in the cold, dry winter.

Wear layered clothing

Several light layers will actually keep you warmer than a single layer of clothing under a large, bulky coat. Dressing in layers will also allow you to adjust your clothing to keep yourself warm and comfortable as you go outdoors and back inside. If you are shivering when you are outside, you should go back inside to warm up.

Stay hydrated

You may not feel thirsty when it is cold, but you should still drink plenty of water each day in order to remain hydrated. Dehydration is common among seniors in the wintertime, and it may lead to hypothermia from poor body heat regulation.

Be wary of icy surfaces

Icy walkways can pose a significant risk for falls, so you will want to be prepared when you leave the house. Rubber soled shoes with good tread will support you as you walk along slippery walkways. If you use a cane or walker, be sure that you have replaced the rubber stopper or added an ice pick attachment.

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