Women In Business Committee in the spotlight

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Women In Business is one of several strong committees in the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce striving to present members with new exposure in the community and connections to a wide range of industries in Naperville. If you are a member of the NACC, here is a look at what you might gain by attending the WIB breakfast events.

What WIB does

Women In Business is much more than a breakfast club. Through their monthly breakfast events, WIB draws passionate and engaging speakers to open a dialog among business owners and offer unique insight to the world of business from a female perspective. The large base of successful business women in the Naperville community is constantly growing to provide empowerment, resources, and connections for years to come.

Why women should join

As you attend WIB breakfasts and other special events, you can build the valuable business relationships needed to increase sales in your business as you develop your professional leadership skills. WIB presents priceless networking opportunities both in person and through online communication to address the needs of the female business community in northern Illinois.

Woman of the Month

Each month, WIB recognizes one special honoree as the Woman of the Month. These women are chosen based on their ambitious career pursuits, dedication to serve and help the community, and advancement of women as business owners.

To learn more about Women in Business and explore other committees within the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce, visit them online or call 630-355-4141.

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