Property Transfers: Willow Road property sells for $1,150,000

<p>Photo credit: Justin Shearer | Flickr</p>

Photo credit: Justin Shearer | Flickr

EDITOR’S NOTE: Content appears as it is provided in public records.


811 N Washington St: Chicago Title Land Trust Co to Snc Invests LLC for $1,100,000 on Oct. 15

180 W Benton Ave, #201: Joan M 2009 Decl Nieman Trust to Marcus Heinrich and Anita Sauers for $750,000 on Oct. 15

16 N Laird St, #2: First Clearing Corp LLC and Sheryl A Jaquays to Ahmed Hassan and Zarin Hassan for $270,000 on Oct. 17

944 Erb Farm Lane, #2: Mary J Brigida and Peter Brigida to Candy Ng and Cheung F Ng for $593,000 on Oct. 18

960 E Porter Ave: Chicago Title Land Trust Co to Christopher Jenkins and Kimberly Jenkins for $467,000 on Oct. 15

620 Willow Road, #6: Keith D Gossler and Leslie S Gossler to Rodney A Kuntz for $1,150,000 on Oct. 15

1148 W Jefferson Ave: Charleston Classic Homes to Gaik O’Chew and Raza S Hamdani for $295,000 on Oct. 17

1159 Cheshire Ave, #4: Patricia G Rev Dietsche Trust and Robert T Rev Dietsche Trust to Mary C Rensch and Michael A Rensch for $405,000 on Oct. 15

1205 Garden Court, #2: Nancy L Pierson and Maryilyn B 2013 Pollitt Trust to Frank del Gallo and Vanessa del Gallo for $340,000 on Oct. 15

25W214 Plank Road: Adriana Mavrodin, Gabriel Mavrodin and Gabriel L Mavrodin to Eric R Waltmire for $150,000 on Oct. 15

213 N Whispering Hills Drive, #3: Cissell Decl Trust, Debra S Cissell and Robert G Cissell to Fei Dong and Hairong Huangfor $325,000 on Oct. 15

54 Elmwood Drive: Frank E Anderson Jr to Justin McWhirter and Kimberly McWhirter for $298,000 on Oct. 15

1543 Raymond Drive, #1543: Hilary L Devries and Taylor Devries to Jenny A Parrette for $98,000 on Oct. 17

1304 Mc Dowell Road, #1304: Federal National Mortgage Association to Daniel McSkimming for $75,000 on Oct. 15

1348 Mc Dowell Road, #1348: Dianna Voytas and Mark Voytas to Nathan Stallings for $95,000 on Oct. 17

912 Havenshire Court: Terrence L Ross to Gail A Boehnlein and Ronald W Boehnlein for $240,000 on Oct. 15

751 Cardigan Court, #1: Winona R Decl Rathje Trust to Anna Pavlik and James Pavlik for $425,000 on Oct. 17

1007 Sheridan Circle, #211101: Etta V Liv Gabriel Trust to Zachary M Vincent for$125,000 on Oct. 15

5S455 Scots Drive, #8f: Kenneth A Standish to Khyati Malhotra and Varun Malhotra for $125,000 on Oct. 15

1521 Applegate Drive, #1: Barbara M Barnette and Barbara M Woolwine to Nicholas D Eggett and Sherri L Eggett for $322,000 on Oct. 15

1231 Arapahoe Court, #82: Feng V Hung to Bruce Logsdon for $163,000 on Oct. 17

20 Pebblewood Trail: Federal National Mortgage Association to Sehnas A Kazmi and Syed F Kazmi for $149,000 on Oct. 17

1067 Selma Lane, #3: Jeffrey D Chisholm and Kendall I Chisholm to Ancelma Martinez for $247,500 on Oct. 15

603 Harlowe Court, #2: Ahsan H Syed and Tazeen Syed to Jennifer F McInerney and Kevin T McInerney for $355,000 on Oct. 18

1527 Eton Lane, #3: Sharp Prpty Solutions LLC to Shahab Rahman and Sofia H Rahman for $360,000 on Oct. 18

2723 Blakely Lane: M I Homes Chicago LLC to Josephine Lo for $326,500 on Oct. 15

1312 Flowerfield Court: Gloria J Grosse,Denny R Zarifis and Gloria J Zarifis to Marty Hsu for $321,000 on Oct. 16

804 Canyon Run Road, #1: Westport Enterprises LLC to Sarah Morrison and Daniel Nowak for $370,000 on Oct. 17

81 Townsend Drive: Federal Home LoanMortgage Corp. to Itasca Bank and Trust and Ibt 12647 for $214,000 on Oct. 16

252 Westbrook Circle: Wendy Wong and Chung Yee Wong to Ih3 Property Illinois LP for $276,000 on Oct. 17

2216 Comstock Lane: Michael M Perri and Denise M Perri to Jiali Ruan and Zhengrong Hu for $555,000 on Oct. 16

2923 Kentshire Circle, #10: Benj D Wydra and Jacqueline N Wydra to Darshana Raigaga and Kumar B Raigaga for $139,000 on Oct. 16

603 De Lasalle Ave: Della Torre Gene M and Torre Joann Della to Richard A Marrero and Amy L Marrero for $460,000 on Oct. 17

1165 Teasel Lane, #1: Mary A Buettner to Amy M Topmiller for $226,500 on Oct. 15

4136 Cave Creek Court, #1: Katherine V Bonilla and Juan C Caviedes to Ankit B Patel and Priya Patel for $545,000 on Oct. 18

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