Guide: Keeping your New Year's resolutions in Naperville

<p>DPA/Patrick Pleul</p>

DPA/Patrick Pleul

The new year is almost here and that means its time to put away the pie, turn off the television and commit to lofty resolutions that will sound a whole lot harder on Jan. 1. For your convenience, here's a few common New Year's resolutions — and some helpful (dare we say Yelpful?) suggestions for places you can go to keep them.

Resolution 1: Exercise more

Anytime Fitness  |  1271 Rickert Drive  |  630-219-4114

What users say: Been a member of gyms for years, found Anytime Fitness and it was home. The gym is alway clean, Mike greets everyone as they walk in the door. It is the encouragement and support I needed to make the change to become healthier. — Jenn G. Read the full review on Yelp.

Planet Fitness  |  1163 E. Ogden Ave., Naperville  |  630-416-7200 

What users say: Yes, it's bare bones - they have cardio equipment, weight machines, free weights, some ab benches and a few stability balls.  No classes, no pool, no sauna/ whirlpool.  So they don't have the stuff that you pay extra money for and never use. They only have what you need to lose weight or stay fit, for $10 a month. — Clarie H. Read the full review on Yelp.

Title Boxing Club  |  1212 S. Naper Blvd  |  630-281-4337

What users say: Come here and skip the fluff.  You're coming to this place to get your attitude changed and life improved. The trainers here are all about kicking your butt to make you into the person you want to be. —Matt G. Read the full review on Yelp.

Resolution 2: Volunteer

Green Earth Institute  |  10S404 Knoch Knolls Road  |  630-664-5681

What users say: It's organic, but more importantly, it's local and from a farm striving for sustainability.  You can buy a share of land and get weekly parcels of vegetables and herbs, officially becoming engaged in Community-Supported Agriculture. — Ellen M. Read the full review on Yelp.

Springbrook Prairie Forest Preserve  |  83rd & Book Road  |  (630) 933-7681

What users say: I am glad the park district is offering more community involvement through the support of volunteer servicing and educational opportunities for all ages focusing on environmental resources and sustenance of natural ecosystems. — Angela S. Read the full review on Yelp.

Adopt Animals Deserving of Proper Treatment  |  420 Industrial Dr  |  630-355-2299

What users say: The staff and volunteers there are so nice and caring you can tell they really love the animals. i would definitely recommend this place i am even thinking of volunteering here myself. — Elyse P. Read the full review on Yelp.

Resolution 3: Read more books

Anderson's Bookshop  |  123 W Jefferson Ave  |  630-355-2665

What users say: When my book idea well has run dry, I'll just stop by Anderson's. Their employee recommendations (written by hand on index cards) loads me up with great book ideas.  They host a ton of author signings. Their shelves are full of signed books which make special Christmas gifts. — William K. Read the full review on Yelp.

Naperville Public Library - Nichols Branch  |  200 W Jefferson Ave  |  630-961-4100

What users say: The selection of books is awesome, and the kids always find new interesting reads. I love being able to renew or reserve books online. The reserving online is great, because they are ready for pick up when I get there. You can't ask for a better library than this one. — Melanie C. Read the full review on Yelp.

Half Price Books  |  2867 95th St.  |  630-428-2877

What users say: I always find cool things here I never expected to find. Don't go for something specific (or just call ahead to check) because they're stock is always rotating and there's no guarantee. I go with a few things in mind and usually get about 3/4 of it and then come home with a bunch of other cool things I didn't even know were out. — Kiley E. Read the full review on Yelp.



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