Recent Naperville property transfers

The following property transfers recently took place in Naperville. 

147 N Center St: Patrick A Decl Bridger Trust and Patty A Decl Bridger Trust to Kathryn A Huebner Trust for $675,000 on Sept. 11

1333 N West St: Stacy L Donnelly and Thomas G Donnelly to Neil D Rev Gerald Trust and Virginia W Rev Gerald Trust for $454,000 on Sept. 10

313 N Fremont St: Amanda J Hamilton and Eric M Hamilton to Jean P Gervais and Michelle Gervais for $700,000 on Sept. 10

6 S Mill St: Chicago Title Land Trust Co to Amy Chavez and Andrew G Chavez for $345,000 on Sept. 12

1112 Catherine Ave, #1: Kathryn M Thomas and Mark R Thomas to Elizabeth A Beatty and Robert E Beatty for $318,000 on Sept. 11

1005 Sylvan Circle: Bsp2 LLC to Kristen Schneider and Steve Schneider for $500,000 on Sept. 12

1052 Sylvan Circle: Matthew J Moser, Porter A Moser and Katherine M Ontko to Amy P Orsini and William C Orsini for $465,000 on Sept. 12

97 Claremont Drive, #8: Mary Jo Gray and Paul E Gray to Courtney A Brown and William N Brown for $472,500 on Sept. 13

1032 Devonshire Ave, #2: Bauman Family Trust to Melissa A Magnuson and Zachary S Magnuson for $230,000 on Sept. 12

727 S Loomis St, #2: Pradeep K Agrawal and Anjum I Usman to David Page and Lindsey Page for $1,075,000 on Sept. 12

25W175 Ridgeland Ave: Mary Cheng to Ih2 Prpty Ill for $215,000 on Sept. 12

25W210 Highview Drive: David S McFee, Joan D Decl McFee Trust, Joan D McFee Family Trust and Michael R McFee to Christopher S Dituri and Katherine J Stringwell for $302,500 on Sept. 11

815 Tulip Lane, #8: Chicago Title Land Trust Co to Cynthia Duffy and Jay Duffy for $210,000 on Sept. 11

1317 Goldenrod Drive, #1: Fredk M Haumesser and Sara J Haumesser to Deanna L Nesci and Michael C Nesci for $469,000 on Sept. 10

1512 W Jefferson Ave, #1512: Eric C Kobus, Laura T Kobus and Laura J Turner to Xiohong Zhai for $98,000 on Sept. 10

560 Rapidan Court: Roxanne Cortinas and Scott E Dillon to Brian T Anderson and Melissa J Anderson for $402,500 on Sept. 12

228 Triton Lane, #12: Fredric T Mehl and Leah S Mehl to Marybeth Peterson and Ryan D Peterson for $302,500 on Sept. 11

1312 Mc Dowell Road, #1312: Christopher T Brown and Kathryn L Gelder to Frank J Gentile for $105,000 on Sept. 11

925 Heathrow Lane: Amanda V Crowell and Ian Crowell to Jeffrey G Haines and Pamela S Haines for $285,000 on Sept. 11

504 Buckeye Drive, #14: McCambridge Family Trust and John E McCambridge to Mary E Hird and Nathaniel C Hird for $348,000 on Sept. 13

1132 Dartmoor Court, #2: James R Manwaring and Mary L Manwaring Trust to Yandan Lu and Kun Zhao for $512,000 on Sept. 11

1500 Culpepper Drive, #2: Linda S Atwell to Abbie J Moore and Brian J Moore for $485,000 on Sept. 9

1385 Rennet Drive, #5: John E Carstensen to James R Parris for $202,000 on Sept. 13

1509 Applegate Drive, #1: Lydia A Barnett and Norman R Barnett to Andrew S Emmerich and Nancy T Emmerich for $370,000 on Sept. 11

819 Fieldcrest Drive, #2: Dhawalkumar Majmuder to Sreedhar Keerthipati and Jayasri Konduru for $335,000 on Sept. 9

1521 Bradley Court, #1: Rattan C Sood and Swadesh Sood to Stacie K Quigg and Timothy R Quigg for $412,500 on Sept. 11

1610 Estate Circle, #12: Lincoln C Perkins to Jeffrey Walters and Tara Walters for $177,000 on Sept. 12

1650 Mulligan Drive: Jean Giacinto, Eileen M Rev Famil Richardson, Thomas H Rev Famil Richardson and Timothy Richardson to Diyang Wu for $148,000 on Sept. 13

23W448 Moraine Court, #1: Sangmi Choi and June H Lee to Pil J Kim and Hyun J Shin for $250,000 onSept. 11

5S764 Country Glen Drive: Carol R 2006 de Christoferson to Christina L Helverson and Michael J Helverson for $295,000 on Sept. 12

7S411 Creek Drive, #3: Cheryl L Piehl to Devon M Evans for $186,500 on Sept. 11

2459 Oneida Lane, #47: Hiral Chandrana and Sweta Chandrana to Raj Joshi for $172,000 on Sept. 13

23W321 Woodcrest Court E, #1: Eugene J Fitzgerald and Peggy L Fitzgerald to John O'Flynn and Sherry L Flynn for $239,000 on Sept. 11

2140 Berkley Court, #19: Grace Steininger to Michael Czupowski for $117,000 on Sept. 9

34 Glencoe Court, #23: Mary M Dailey Trust to David Thonn for $117,500 on Sept. 13

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