WEEKAWAY: Elkhart Lake's outdoor farmers and artisans market

One of the perks of visiting a small Wisconsin town like Elkhart Lake during the summer is the variety of fresh produce you can find at the local farmers’ market. A wide range of delicious fruits and vegetables are grown in the fertile local soils, and there’s no better place to sample them than close to the farms. More benefits of shopping at the farmers’ market include:

Sampling new fruits, veggies and flowers

Some crops simply don’t show up at supermarkets because they do not create high yields or do not travel well. At the Elkhart Lake Farmers Market, you can find rare heirloom varieties of corn and tomatoes, as well as other items like broccoli rabe and kohlrabi, that you won’t see in the produce section of a chain grocery store. Take home a beautiful bouquet of fresh cut flowers for yourself or a special friend. Fruit and berries picked fresh from the tree can’t be beat.

Finding new meal inspiration

If you are tired of eating the same vegetable sides and salads at every meal, you can discover new and delicious ideas at a farmers market. When you see an unfamiliar yet attractive new vegetable, simply ask the farmer at the stand how you can prepare it. Because they grow these crops on their own land and often eat any surplus themselves, farmers can offer you tips on how to best prepare them.

Treat yourself to delicious baked goods

You won’t be able to go home without some freshly baked pastries, pies or cakes. Beautifully glazed and decorated, they make wonderful gifts, too. Don’t forget the nuts and honey for your own recipe.

Browsing unique handcrafted goods and treasured antiques

The Elkhart Lake Farmers Market features more than just produce—it is also an Artisans Market, featuring handmade items from local craftspeople. Whether you want to find an old and unique serving bowl for your dining table or some new and interesting jewelry to add to your collection, there’s sure to be something to catch your eye here.

The Elkhart Lake Farmers & Artisans Market is open on Saturdays from 8:30am to 12:30pm, from June through October. If you would like to know more about lodging, events, and recreational activities in this picturesque town, contact Elkhart Lake Tourism today by calling 877-355-4278.

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