WEEKAWAY: How to properly pair wine with seafood

Seafood dishes are incredibly versatile and flavorful fare that open up a big world of wine pairing possibilities, which may pique your curiosity during your next meal out. To help you make the most pleasing pairings for your palate, here are a few simple guidelines for navigating the wine list.

Don’t be afraid to select red wines

Some wine drinkers will tell you that red wine and seafood do not pair together, but there are actually a number of red wines that match the flavors of seafood harmoniously. For example, steamed mussels are wonderfully paired with low tannin, high acidity Barbera wines from the northern regions of Italy.

Focus on the flavors in the sauce

Unlike meats such as beef and chicken, seafood lends itself to a wider variety of potential pairings depending on the sauce it is served with. Shrimp and scallops may pair well with red or white wines when they are served in different sauces. Shellfish served in tomato based sauces will stand up to the more acidic red wines of Salice Selentino in southern Italy, while creamy sauces are fit for oaky Chardonnay or crisp Pinot Grigio.

Experiment with new pairings

If you are unsure about a particular pairing, experimentation with new flavors is the best way to decide what is most palatable to you. While there are some recommended guidelines, there are no wine pairing rules set in stone, so use your imagination as you tour the wine list.

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