WEEKAWAY: Why do wine lovers flock to Valparaiso?

When you picture wine country, you may be imagining the rolling hills of the California countryside. However, the Midwest is actually home to its own thriving wine culture that is accessible to wine lovers and novices alike. Valparaiso is at the heart of the Midwest’s wine country, offering a unique charm for connoisseurs to enjoy as they indulge. Here is a closer look at what Valparaiso can offer to your wine exploration of the Lake Michigan region.

Abundant local wineries

The largest wine trail in the region—The Indiana Uplands Trail—goes through the area and offers wine lovers a first-hand look at wine production in the state. There are several excellent smaller wine trails that showcase the wineries Indiana has to offer, and travelers will not be far from the excellent wineries of Illinois.

Great dining options

Any wine lover knows that wine truly shines in the presence of great food. Valparaiso has a distinctively delicious dining culture with gourmet options that present great pairings for the best wines of the region. In every season, Valparaiso celebrates their wine and food culture with Eat Up Wine Down, which welcomes guests to an edible tour of downtown’s finest restaurants.

Valparaiso Wine Festival  - June 19 in Central Park Plaza!

Summer is the time to visit Valparaiso for the ultimate wine lovers’ experience. At the Valparaiso Wine Festival, visitors can enjoy live entertainment while sampling more than 80 local wines and enjoying food from local restaurants. Tickets are on sale now and are expected to sell out quickly.To purchase your tickets today, visit ValparaisoEvents.com or call 219-464-8332.

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